Environment, Social, & Governance

Colliers is ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Standard Certified and has an Environmental Policy and Environmental Management Systems Manual and is committed to achieving and demonstrating a sound environmental performance by controlling the impact of all its activities and services on the environment. Colliers has a Global Environmental Policy and has adopted regional policies for sustainable and responsible procurement.

Sustainability, environmental considerations and changes to environmental law are key components in the formulation of our investment strategies and a fundamental part of our underwriting criteria. We do not acquire investments were there is a risk of contamination or flood risk and ensure that detailed surveys are carried to assess the risk.

As an on-going process we seek to introduce sustainability improvements wherever practically and economically possible as part of any refurbishment programmes which includes a sustainable procurement action plan to ensure that suppliers have the same commitment. We also work closely to improve the environmental credentials of the existing portfolio.

Likewise when dealing with tenants’ application for alterations, having made them aware of the importance of sustainability through site meetings, Colliers will also encourage them to undertake such works using sustainable materials so that they will not adversely affect the energy efficiency of the building. All such measures have been shown to enhance both running costs and tenant retention and ultimately investment value.

Colliers is a founding member of the UK Green Building Council. BREEAM ratings are considered as part of any new constructions and acquisition of new investments. We consider BREEAM to be an effective measure in relation to enhancing value and marketability of assets through reduced running costs. As part of our investment process we also review in detail Energy Performance Certificates and look to implement improvement works. In all circumstances Building Surveyors are requested to report on sustainability and any evidence of deleterious materials.