Our services

Segregated accounts

At Colliers Global Investors, we offer our clients individually tailored strategies to meet their investment objectives. These strategies can either be income yield / income growth based or geared towards capital growth. Alternatively they can be a combination of both, tailored to individual objectives and risk profiles.

Our comprehensive property fund management service has an outstanding track-record of award-winning levels of performance against market indices.

Indirect accounts

We provide investment advice on new and existing UK and European funds as well as secondary trades.

We believe the main benefits to be: diversifying risk, exposure to large lot sizes, access to specialist markets, benefits of gearing.

Any invested funds are monitored on an on-going basis, through representation at Quarterly Investor meetings with each of the respective Fund Managers and by way of the Quarterly and Annual reports.

Asset management

A key component to maintaining strong investment performance over the short, medium and long term. Our dedicated asset management teams seek to ensure that our clients maximise returns from existing holdings.

Working alongside our client’s specific risk and return criteria we undertake strategic tactical reviews of individual properties and portfolios to identify opportunities to add value through proactive asset management. Typical strategies might include re-gearing leases, surrenders and renewals, redevelopment, extension or refurbishment opportunities, change of use or other planning related issues, marriage value or joint sale opportunities as well as moving tenants to maximise efficiency in multi-let buildings.

The implementation of each initiative is accompanies by stringent financial appraisals and regular reporting to ensure all activities fall in line with the overall investment strategy.